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DarWish Menu
Credit: Stephen McConnell

We ate at the new Persian restaurant Darwish, in Grover Beach, last night with our friends and had a TERRIFIC meal.

Yes, they have some minor service stuff to figure out but they’re new and working out the kinks. That said we absolutely adored the owner Jamal, he was very welcoming and inviting. While the ambiance leaves something to be desired (the bright lights and lack of ambiance was a bit off-putting at first), it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be easily fixed with a couple Persian rugs on the walls and softer lighting, both of which would do wonders. When it comes to good food though, that kind of stuff can be overlooked.

The food was was fantastic extremely flavorful and abundant. After 18 years in Los Angeles, we admit to being a little bit biased when it comes to Persian food since our favorite restaurant was consistently Sultani Retaurant next to Mashti Malone’s ice Cream shop on La Brea; this food very much reminded us of that place.
SOOO happy to have good (heck, ANY) Persian food nearby.

For the four of us, the Party Platter for $79 with a huge assortment of dishes was entirely satisfying. Great value, and we are looking forward to going back again very soon. We had a great experience over all. Highly recommend it!


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