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Et Voila

The night our daughter went to her first Prom, Doug and I went to a cute little French restaurant in San Luis Obispo known as Et Voila. It’s owned by José Dahan, transplanted to the Central Coast from Toulouse, France. José has a reputation around town as a great chef and wonderful caterer. The first time we tasted his food was at an Eberle Winery wine dinner up in Paso Robles and we immediately knew his reputation was well deserved. He’s creative and inventive with his food, and most importantly…He knows his wine!

2010 Laurent Kraft Vouvray

We started with a Vouvray. The 2010 Laurent Kraft Vouvray is a yummy white still wine from the Loire Valley. It has 12% alcohol with a mineral nose and citrus touches. The palate is light and fruity with crisp grapefruit and citrus but no lingering finish. On it’s own it is a good wine but it really accompanied our food (read more about the food on Doug’s blog) as a nice flavor enhancer. This is a mellow wine, and even without food is flavorful.

Amadeus beer

Amadeus beer

José brought out an Amadeus white beer from France the flavors of which, were completely unexpected. In almost the same vein as describing the floral aromas of a dry Gewurztraminer, it filled my nose full of honeysuckle and citrus. On the palate there was honeysuckle and clove spice. The beer has a long honey finish that paired very nicely with the delicate sweetness of the scallops and side by side is very complimentary to the flavors.

Hadley Cellars Meritage

Hasley Cellars Meritage

flourless chocolate cake

flourless chocolate cake

With dessert José, suggested we have a 2006 Hasley Cellars Meritage (pronounced like “Heritage”), with blackberry, plum, raspberries and tobacco on the nose. On the palate the wine was jammy and fruity with cassis, licorice spice, dark chocolate and hints of oiled leather that paired incredibly well the the flourless chocolate cake while picking up the berry quality of the accompanying strawberries.

Chef José usually has a reasonably priced 3 course prix fixe, seasonal menu along with added special menus through out the year. Et Voila is a small intimate place located unexpectedly in a strip mall. José also happens to be a warm and wonderful host to his patrons.

Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.

~ Andre Simon, “Commonsense of Wine”


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