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Our family tries hard to be healthy. We are also busy. So balancing how to do the right thing with your food when you don’t have much time, or making the right choices can be challenging. So here’s some time savers, health extenders, and anything else we thought could help out readers in our same situation. Please share your own tips here and check back often.

OPENING HARD BOILED EGGS is a piece of cake with this tip from Hillary. On a hard kitchen surface, lightly crack the egg on its side, then with the palm of your hand, roll it back and forth until it’s cracked all the way around. This will fracture the shell but keep it intact with the membrane, which lets you easily slip the whole thing off like a tight sweater.

STORE PRODUCE LONGER – I mean like super longer – by going to the As Seen On TV store (for SLO locals, you can check out the Prime Outlets in Pismo Beach) and picking yourself up some of those green storage containers called “Always Fresh Containers.” No, they’re not paying me. Yes, the bags work, but are really hard to clean, whereas the containers are easy to wash. Very worth the money. You can buy me a cocktail as a ‘thank you.’

Does your milk spoil too fast? LACTOSE FREE MILK LASTS A MONTH, and has the same health benefits as regular. If you’re like me, you’ve experimented and said “blech” to a few. Smart Balance with Omega 3s is awesome. It is thicker than similar fat free or low fat milks, making it the consistency of whole – and has Omega 3s!! Plus, whatever they’re doing over there, they’ve made it taste way better than the competitors.

Try using GHEE INSTEAD OF BUTTER when you cook. Ghee is actually clarified butter, so you lose no flavor. Plus, it has a higher smoke point so is less likely to burn in cooking, is lactose free, and can be stored at room temperature. There are reports over centuries from the use of ghee in Ayurvedic diets relating to health benefits, including stimulating better digestion. With any claims like this, I suggest doing your own research.

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