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Seven Sisters Fest: The Start of Something Wonderful

Seven Sisters Fest

I have always loved festivals. I grew to become a little obsessed with them when I worked for Walt Disney Imagineering designing and building theme parks. Every group get-together I hosted from then on had to have a theme, and had to be a complete experience. I became an OCD host at my own house parties creating contests and prizes, themed foods, appropriate place settings for the evening, and moving from conversation to conversation like a hummingbird making sure every person was having fun. Then I happened to go to an LA Burning Man event that changed my life – and made me even worse.

Though I’ve never been to the “real” Burning Man, I was instantly drawn in to the incredible sense of community and sharing these people exhibited. I absolutely loved dance parties that started at midnight and wrapped up at 8am. There was truly something for everybody, of any age, of any persuasion.

You never met a stranger, only a new friend.

I started hosting my own festivals in Los Angeles. Then Paso Robles. And some of the best memories of my life – some of the most vivid and fulfilling “experiences” – happened at these festivals. So imagine my excitement at learning about what looks to be an incredible festival coming to my own back yard here in San Luis Obispo.

The Seven Sisters Fest bills itself as “Craft BEER. Good EATS. Nonstop MUSIC.” In the past few months here in our well known wine region we’ve come to know the emerging craft beer scene. As they say “It takes a lot of beer to make a bottle of wine,” as we referenced in this post on the Craft Beer Week we attended and were educated by immersion by trying 150+ beers. One thing we learned from our new friend and cicerone from Central Coast Distributing was that beer actually pairs with food better than wine does. I’d love to listen in on that argument with my winemaker friends. In fact, some of those winemakers are pouring at the festival too.

The food looks to be pretty good for festival fare – hot dogs, bratwurst, meat pies, ribs, pulled pork tacos, gourmet sandwiches, paninis, and chocolate dipped decadences. There will be jewelers, organic clothing sellers, tie-dye, lotions, artwork, and even yak wool blankets in the vendor village.

But the thing I’m looking forward to most is the music:

“We have successfully sought out an eclectic collection of performers from across the country; a creative, original mix of bluegrass, hip-hop, jazz, blues, soul, funk, rock, Americana and everything in between. Be prepared to find your next favorite band…”

There’s just something about the right kind of music outdoors with a good beer, bratwurst and great friends, hanging out on your new yak blanket (just remember, mustard stains). I can’t think of a better way to get out of the house to somewhere local and experience all of the most relaxing and energizing things about life in one place. And I haven’t even mentioned the camping, which as of now may be entirely sold out, but we’ve heard there’s overflow that may be open.

Join us for what we think is going to be the next big thing in San Luis Obispo – that once-a-year event you and your kids, your family and friends, just can’t miss. Head over to SevenSistersFest.com and get your tickets today. And as always, come say hello to a #ShareSLO Street Team member and we’ll give you something nice.

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