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There are so many great places we’ve been to that picking a “Top 10” or “Favorites” is impossible, if for no other reason than our moods and tastes change all the time. You’re not always in the mood for sushi, for example, though one of our very favorite places is a sushi restaurant.

Chefs, food sources, and passions change at places, so this list will remain dynamic, representing only places we have been to recently. So check back often to discover new places and secrets with us. And, of course, reach out if you have your own favorites we should check out. Oh, and tell them “Doug and Hillary sent you.”


  • BLISS CAFE, San Luis Obispo, CA (vegan plates and drinks on the creek)
  • GOSHI, San Luis Obispo, CA (sushi, sake and fresh global specials daily)
  • HAPY BISTRO, Pismo Beach, CA (homemade mediterranean with a bar and cigars)
  • HONEYMOON CAFE, Pismo Beach, CA (organic local brunch, coastal peaks coffee)
  • KANPAI SUSHI, Shell Beach, CA (creative rolls and a vibrant sushi bar)
  • MASON BAR and KITCHEN, Arroyo Grande, CA (hometown charm, creative gastropub)
  • SIDECAR, San Luis Obispo, CA (old-fashioned cocktails, sumptuous small bites)
  • SISTER KITCHEN, Grover Beach, CA (fresh made and authentic)
  • SPLASH CAFE, Pismo Beach, CA (casual seafood, clam chowder)

An Evening Out:

  • EMBER, Arroyo Grande, CA (wood-fired honest food from a celebrated chef)
  • GIUSEPPE’S, Pismo Beach, CA (braciole, fresh pasta, wood-fired pizzas)
  • OYSTER LOFT, Pismo Beach, CA (meticulously prepared seafood, surprising entrees, on the beach)
  • THE GATHERING TABLE, Ballard, CA (elegant and sophisticated from a celebrated chef)
  • VENTANA GRILL, Pismo Beach, CA (coastal fusion, fresh tortillas and salsas with a view)



When in San Luis Obispo (our home):


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