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Finals with a sidecar of Mojito Maximus!

I have said several times that Sidecar is one of my favorite new places to eat and hang out. There has always been something new and interesting to try. Last week as you may or may not have noticed I wasn’t as prolific at posting new blogs because I was studying for finals so it took most of my time and attention. However finals are over and it was CELEBRATION time!!! Whoot Whoot! So that meant meeting a classmate at Sidecar and having drinks and some food.

Sidecar Mojito Maximus

Sidecar Mojito Maximus

Of course the first thing I had to do after my 2 hourĀ comprehensive, Business Law final exam was order a stiff drink! Noah the restaurant manager and our server for the night suggested the Mojito Maximus. He brought the recipe with him from Texas. All I can say is any drink with the word Maximus in it is a no brainer! Sign me up for that! The Mojito Maximus is made with Barcelo Anejo Rum, muddled with get this, fresh strawberries, mint and limes. It was unbelievably refreshing and crisp, just sweet enough, with a tang and pulpy from the strawberries. The mint wasn’t overwhelmingly strong so it blended nicely with the strawberries and lingered on the palate.

Sidecar Allium Bisque

Allium Bisque

Now I know Doug usually talks about the food but, he wasn’t there so I guess it’s left up to me to fill you in on the bites and delights I ate that night. šŸ˜‰ Because my brain was fried and couldn’t make a decision, I was debating what I wanted to eat and saw that there was an interesting onion bisque, called Allium bisque on the menu. As usual when I go there, I was like, WHAT? Onion bisque? Now I love french onion soup but I thought this might be a little much with ingredients according to the menu like mixed onion puree, leeks and shallots. But once again Chef Michael came through with a rich, silky bisque that was really unexpected and tasty!Ā  The base was creamy, with what tasted like sweet caramelized onions, cream and butter (on the finish), while picking up the delicate leek flavor without being overpowering. This bisque is obviously very low calorie…NOT!! It is served with a pile of dried shallot straws in the middle giving it a little onion ring vibe. All the flavors melded nicely to create a surprisingly mild blend of flavors, from something that is usually very strong in flavor. Because the soup was so rich and complex, for me the bowl was best shared. I could probably eat a cup of it by myself, but a whole bowl? Two spoons please! The one caution I have is if your are eating the truffled popcorn snack they serve instead of bread, make sure you cleanse your palate (drink or eat something else) before eating the soup because as delicious as those two things are separately the soup becomes bitter when they are eaten together.

The double U burger

The double U burger

My main dish was the Double U Burger made from 100% grass fed beef and served on brioche buns made fresh daily. The burger was well seasoned and the roll was fresh and soft inside, crusty outside. The burger was topped with fig marmalade and D’ Affinois cheese. At first I was kind of thrown because I expected there to be lettuce, tomato etc. on it but those were the only three ingredients, which honestly was all it needed.

Sidecar Goat cheese Ice cream

Goat cheese Ice cream

Lastly Chef Michael came out with a treat of a scoop of house-made Goat cheese ice cream, served with a hazelnut shortbread cookie and roasted rainier cherries. It was a lot like a cheesecake dessert my mom made when I was a kid called Cherries on Snow. In fact at first bite it remindedĀ  me so much of it, that I was literally transported back in time to my childhood home and my mom in the kitchen making it. The ice cream was delicately flavored, velvety smooth, and not overly sweet. The cherries were sweet and tart with a slight roast. The shortbread and hazelnut cookie was my favorite part and when all the ingredients are eaten in one bite its a medley of flavors that are in perfect balance.

Sidecar has so far been a culinary adventure and so much fun for dinner…Next up? Their Brunch! šŸ™‚

“Everybody should believe in something; I believe I’ll have another drink.”Ā  ~Author Unknown


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