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Glass is in session

One of the most well known wine glass makers in the world is Riedel glass out of Austria. According to acclaimed wine critic Robert Parker “The finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel.”

According to Maximillian Riedel’s Facebook page it was in the 1950s, that Riedel Crystal of America, “introduced the concept of varietal specific wine glasses”. What most people don’t realize is that now a days, wine glasses are as diverse as the bottles of wine themselves. You have red wine glasses, white wine glasses, flutes and aperitif glasses. But how do you decide which one to use with which wine? Is there a general all around glass that I can use for both? How can you tell which is for red and which is for white?  And why does it make a difference anyway, a glass is a glass right? Wrong. Continue Reading…

DRINKS/ Just The Facts Ma'am

Sake to ME!

Sake tasting at Raku

Sake tasting at Raku

I have had this post in my queue for months now, waiting to be written. But I simply won’t write a blog on something I don’t know about or reasonably understand. So I felt even though I love it, writing a blog on Sake without true knowledge of the process or giving it its proper reverence and respect would be a disservice, not only to you and me but to the culture of Sake itself. After much research, talking on multiple occasions to experts in the field, and attending a BRILLIANTLY paired and presented Sake tasting event at Raku I think I am now finally somewhat qualified to wade into the shallow end of Sake-dom. Continue Reading…

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Adelaida is for (Chocolate) Lovers

Wine and Chocolate at Adelaida

There are so many things to love about Adelaida Winery, though it’s hard not to start with Glenn Mitton who is the Wine Librarian, Brand Ambassador and just one of our all around favorite people. His silky British accent, vibrant blue eyes and ready smile are immediately disarming and draw you into being willing to listen to pretty much anything he has to say. He could read the phone book and I’d happily sit and listen. Continue Reading…

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It’s all about the Chardonnay baybee!

The Chardonnay Symposium is the sister event to the Cabs of Distinction, and is equally awesome. The 2016 event yet again did not disappoint. We were able to pick from a list of several different great seminars, thankfully some were similar to those I went to last year, so I was able to attend other ones that also interested me. The 2 seminars I chose were the Wente Clone Comparative Tasting, and the Hone Your Chardonnay Blind-Tasting Skills but I also got to attend the Pét-Nat Sparkling Wine & Oysters Gala, La Paulée Dinner and Vintners Awards Ceremony (thanks to my date Glenn from Adelaida), and of course the Saturday Grand Tasting. Continue Reading…

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Wine and Fire, Ha-cha-cha-cha…

Sometimes one needs to step away from the familiar of one’s immediate surroundings and spend some time exploring areas that are close but oft forgotten. So when the opportunity came up to go to Wine and Fire put on by the Santa Rita Hills Wine Alliance and region, located about an hour south of us, in Lompoc, it was a no brainer. First it helped get my bearings as I was always confusing Santa Lucia Highlands (north in Monterey County) and Santa Rita Hills (south in Santa Barbara County) with each other. Aside from the directional confusion, I realized that the Highlands focus more on Bordeaux and Southern Rhone with some Burgundian varietals thrown in, where as the Hills focus on Burgundian and Northern Rhone varietals with a little Bordeaux thrown into the mix. Continue Reading…

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The Cabs are Back in Town

It’s that time of year again and one of my favorite educational red wine events is back. Every year I think the Paso Robles Cab Collective (PRCC) Cabs of Distinction, can’t get better and every year I’m wrong! This year actually blew my mind. This year though it was a smaller, more intimate event and held at the new and stunningly beautiful Allegretto Vineyard Resort in Paso Robles. Aside from the En Primeur & Current Vintage Tasting there were 3 separate seminars. The first “The other Cabernet” a discussion on Cab Franc was hosted by CIA instructor and Master Sommelier Bob Bath, the second “Know Your Cab Clones” about the clonal varieties and the third and final which was the real mind blower was the “Judgement of Paso” a play on the 1976 Judgement of Paris wine tasting. Continue Reading…

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Wine Touring 101

This is going to be one of my longer posts because the tour I went on was so choc-o-bloc full of incredible tastings and things to do! My day started by meeting up with Laura of 101 Wine Tours for an invitation only Media Tour at their office in Arroyo Grande. Scott was our driver and Laura our tour guide/Sommelier. Other members of the media Kathy and Photographers Amy and Donny from Tolosa Press also met up with us, and we all climbed aboard the 11-passenger Mercedes Sprinter Van. We headed over to the Madonna Plaza and picked up the rest of our group Haley of New Times and Edible SLO, Sally from The Tribune, and winemaker Adam from Center of Effort Winery and then, we were off. Traveling up the coast toward Paso Robles, the landscape after rain bursts with emerald vine-covered hills, rolling down to meet the smokey sapphire colored ocean, providing views almost too spectacular to describe.  Continue Reading…

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Nougatine is a NO GO!!

Doug and I have had some wonderful dining experiences at some amazing restaurants around the world; this however was not one of them. It takes a lot for me to write a negative review, I mean…A LOT! Since we started this blog we’ve never written what I would call a “bad review”. We might’ve said this or that could have been done differently or something to that affect, or this may not be for everyone; but we have never said…our experience was bad or disappointing. We tend to be very lenient because we know how things can sometimes just not go as expected and often will try a place 2 or 3 times before writing about it, just to make sure we’ve been fair.  However when one is going to a restaurant owned by a 3 Michelin Star Chef and is on it’s way to it’s first Michelin Star, one doesn’t expect to have to write something negative about the experience, or feel like crying as a result. Continue Reading…

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Just Breakaway and Distill!

Pismo Beach

Aside from the stunning beauty, incredible wineries and breweries on the Central Coast, now we have a distillery trail! Our distillery trail is made up of 5 different distilleries: WineShine, Krobar, Red Soles Stillhouse, Re:Find, and Pendray’s Distillery, and it’s growing. Until recently I’d only been to WineShine, but a few weeks ago I went on a media distillery tour with BreakAway Tours to there and 2 other great distilleries, Re:find and Krobar. Continue Reading…