A ‘Stache, a Bash and a Smash!

It’s a ‘Stache Bash!!!

I’m a a big proponent of charitable organizations and the good works they do. Many of the events I’ve been lucky enough to attend and write about are fundraisers for charities; you may remember Must Charities from Forks and Corks, Zoo to you from the Mac and Cheese fest, and CAPSLO from An Afternoon of Epicurean Delights. Recently one of my favorite restaurant/bars in San Luis Obispo Sidecar, put on a great fundraiser for Movember, a global charity that focuses on men’s health; specifically raising funds and awareness to combat prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health challenges. Participation is encouraged by men, growing mustaches or a Mo (“Mo” is slang for mustache) for all 30-days of November. The movement began in Melbourne Australia in 2003 when 30 Mo Bros first grew mustaches. It has since grown globally inspiring more than 4 million “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” to participate across 21 countries worldwide.

Josh and his fab ‘stache

Sidecar sold tickets for $25 and closed specifically for the event. They made 2 specialty sangrias, white and red that they served on the house with additional specialty drinks being sold for $4 plus their regular cocktail menu. They provided hosted appetizers including their cheddar cheese and bacon ‘tater tots that Doug calls “crack tots” because they are so addicting, their fried Brussels sprouts which even if you don’t like Brussels sprouts like me they are a must try, cheese platters, pulled pork sliders and a few other things. The whole evening was a complete blast! Nearly all the men there were sporting their ‘staches and some even had Mohawks. Everyone was there to support the charity and make sure it was a success. The Matt Cross & the One Night band were there playing some great music and Rebel Coast Winery provided wine; which insanely enough looking back, I never got a chance to try. There was just too many wonderful cocktails being offered.

Me and my ‘stache

About half way through the evening is when I discovered the Mustache temporary tattoos, so not to be out done by all the mustachioed men, I had James, one of the Sidecar owners apply it to my top lip. Shortly thereafter, it became the trend of the evening. 🙂 It was also James who insisted I try a Fernet Branca, for the first time. Fernet is what is known as a digestive and it is a very bitter liqueur from Italy. Created in 1845 by Bernandino Branca, it’s been around for 150 years and is botanically based. Italian Nonos (grandpas) have been swearing by it for years and it is one of the top 100 premium spirits brands worldwide. It’s the color of Coca-cola and quite viscous. It was served to me as a shot, and it was definitely an interesting experience. The best description of the taste I can give is that it was like a mixture of Jägermeister meets Absinthe stirred with a peppermint stick, and was very bitter. It is definitely something everyone should try once, but it’s beyond an acquired taste; though I found out later that a coke chaser helped mellow the aftertaste dramatically.

After an evening full of charitable merriment, the donation total tallied up to be $2200! I am so glad I got to be part of such a great event. I know they are planning to do it again next year and want to make it an annual thing, which I will of course announce it via twitter etc. when the time comes. It’s well worth the $25 (plus any other donation you may choose to add to the jar) and the evening out.

“99% of all problems can be solved by money — and for the other 1% there’s alcohol.”
― Quentin R. Bufogle



Great upcoming events: Molecular Gastronomy at San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum 12/10/13; Holiday at the Port 12/14/13; Winter Wonder SLO Ice Skating Rink 12/19 -1/5/13; Esprit Du Vin  Jan 18, 2014


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